Local “Problem Pregnancy” vandalized

Local conservative blogger Datech Guy notes that Problem Pregnancy was recently vandalized. (His photo below.)

The last politically-motivated vandalism I recall was of the Park Ave military recruiting station in 2009, when it was happening repeatedly. (My photo below.)


Considering how much graffiti there is in Worcester, I assume this sort of thing happens all the time, and only gets press when an organization decides to make it a story.

3 thoughts on “Local “Problem Pregnancy” vandalized

  1. I would point out there was also a rock through the window, additionally this is not simply graffiti but a threat to burn the place.

    If this was done to the establishment across the street I suspect we would see a lot more press concerning it.

    1. When a friend called the Telegram yesterday, this was the first they’d heard of the incident. The result of that phone call is the article you see in today’s T&G.

      I would recommend — to anyone — that if there’s an incident you’d like to see covered in the local daily, that you contact them yourself (look on this list for the “Assistant City Editor” and pick the “Days” or “Nights” editor depending on when you’re calling) and not assume that someone’s monitoring the police radio and picking up the stories you’d like to see covered.

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