Memorial Artwork in Worcester Parks

Cathy pointed me to a City of Worcester brochure on every piece of major memorial artwork in the city.  It’s a touch out-of-date (nearly 30 years old), but extremely well worth reading.  The last pages are specifically about veterans memorials, including memorial squares in Worcester.

(If someone knows a history or urban studies student in need of a project, this would be a great document to update with more current conditions for the monuments, with more detailed information about some of the monuments, and to include monuments — like the Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial — that have been erected in the interim.)

(Image: Turtle Boy Weeding Party – June 2010, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic image from Claudia Snell’s photostream)

2 thoughts on “Memorial Artwork in Worcester Parks

  1. I recently got interested in the memorial squares and have started trying to learn the stories of the people behind them. Anyone interested can check out what I’ve learned so far at Anyone who can provide information about any of the men so memorialized would be greatly appreciated.

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