News bits

  • The Worcester Business Journal has an excellent article about the proliferation of cancer centers in the Worcester area.
  • Disappointingly, the only exciting tidbit in the last Holy Cross police blotter of the academic year was this: “Shaving cream in the bathroom stall and shower curtains needed to be cleaned. Shower curtains were also found ripped down. Also, the bathroom window screen was on the ground outside.”  (Though “Report of nosy students outside of Clark Hall” was worthy of Holden.)
  • Been hankering for a Virginia Ryan letter to the editor?  Here’s one she wrote for the Globe a few days ago, in support of keeping the ban on gifts from pharmeceutical companies to doctors.
  • The Worcester County Poetry Association will present the Elizabeth Bishop Suite by singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist, JB Menides on Sunday, May 15, at 3pm, at the First Congregational Church in Shrewsbury.  More info here.
  • If you’re interested in the Accelerated Bridge Program, you can find out more here.  You can also find lists of all the MassDOT projects (for a specific city or a geographic area) here.

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