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    1. JmStewart is right. All of Eddy’s signs have the line through it. 🙂

      I am no fan of the Tea Party. Then again I am no fan of any party. I am curious; do I see a pattern here where Nicole is trying to give Konnie Lukes and the Tea Party a black eye ? I am still waiting for clarification on her words, “Tea Party standout” comment.

      Neither “Which former mayor had Tea Party standouts in Newton Square yesterday” or “What former Tea Party candidate for State Rep put up a lawn sign with Bill Eddy’s name provocatively crossed out” put Nicole in a good light in my opinion unless I misunderstand what she is trying to convey.

      Jim McElhiney

      1. Jim, you summed it up best here:!/jimmcelhiney/status/1454197043

        The comment about Eddy’s signs obviously went way over your head, maybe over the airport.

        As to black eyes, the Tea Party is itself a black eye stain on the planet, Nicole could not possibly do them any more harm. Konnie, who I consider a friend, would be best served in the long term by keeping their support at arms length (maybe use Rushton’s arms). With that, I’d say both the comments you left here today cast you in a rather negative light for anyone who deals in reality and/or humor. But regardless, if who (in your view) misrepresents the Lukes support base is a serious concern, you should start the whining with WoMag.

        1. Brendan thank you for responding. Apparently those two comments did go over my head and as you say maybe over the airport.

          I saw them as an attempt to give both the Tea Party and Lukes a black eye based on nonsense. However I must admit I still do not understand either of the comments if they are anything other than that.

          I will read the Worcester Magazine article. I am not so crazy about the Tea Party either but I am not crazy about any party.

          Also I am glad you are a friend of Konnie’s and hope you will consider voting for because as Gary Rosen says, Joe O’Brien proved he is not a man of his word and will give the shirts off our backs in order to support the causes he believes in.

          1. Jim —

            It’s unclear to me why you think so poorly about both the candidate and the political group that you think a mutual association — loose or not — would give both a ‘black eye.’

          2. Nicole,

            I do not know if I posted in the right place here as your comment to me did not offer a reply option. Just so no one is confused other than me 🙂 I will be voting for Konnie Lukes.

            I am not a fan of any party. As far as the Tea Party goes I can not take them serious because of their idea of what good presidential candidates are. I can also say the same both other parties though the Tea Party picks the real loonies.

            I am about to read the article Brendan suggested. I am hoping that will explain the “Tea Party standouts” I have a lot of opinions but have learned not to have too many convictions as it closes ones mind to learning. In the spirit of learning I am still hoping you would explain what was meant by your comment about “What former mayor had Tea Party standouts”. I have looked at the photos taken of bout Konnie’s group and Steve’s group and see no visual reference to the Tea Party.

            Brendan was correct. I don’t know what you are trying to say in your comment and would be grateful if you respond to my second request to help me understand exactly what you meant.

            I am hoping our dialog does not mimic those political debates where candidates are asked a question and they never answer the question.

            Please if you will explain your comment “What former mayor had Tea Party standouts in Newton Square” Please? 🙂

            Thank you – Jim

  1. Hmmm… Nicole 🙂 This comment “Which former mayor had Tea Party standouts in Newton Square yesterday” interests me. Are you suggesting you or someone you know and trust saw visual references to the Tea Party? Could you respond to this question please?

    I was at that standout as I support Konnie Lukes. I am considering supporting Steve as well. I have spoken with Steve and he asked me to call him to talk more. I saw no visual reference to the Tea Party among either candidates people. Not a single one. In fact I have pictures of both candidates groups. I looked at those pictures again and could find no mention of the Tea Party on shirts or signs. Did I miss something? Could you show us pictures that show “Tea Party standouts”?

    Perhaps you are just saying that Konnie Lukes had people holding signs that you, or someone you know, personally know are members of or support the Tea Party? Is that what you are saying? If so it might be less deceptive to state that than say “Which former mayor had “TEA PARTY STANDOUTS” in Newton Square yesterday”.

    I am certain Konnie Lukes will get some support from some Tea Party members based on her fiscal prudence. I know she already has support from Republicans. Democrats, and Independents. I know this because I have been to a few of her initial campaign committee meetings. Her committee has team members that are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents(like myself). No one at the meetings I attended identified themselves as Tea Party members though that does not mean she does not have Tea Party members on her committee. To be honest I would like to see people from all parties participate in any given candidates campaign. Consider over 80 percent of Americans are disgusted with all politicians regardless of their party affiliation. I know I am in that 80 plus percent. I would be more likely to vote for someone that has support from people from many parties.

    If I become aware that Lukes is driven by The Tea Party I would drop my support as people that think Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, or Donald Trump are suitable nominees for any other party than the “Absurdity Party” cause me concern.

    Also if you check Konnie Lukes party affiliation I think you will find she is a member of the Democratic party. I do not think this matters very much as she is as independent minded as they come. As a registered Independent and no big fan of the Tea Party, the Republican party, or the Democratic party, my vote goes to Lukes.

  2. Brendan I found one reference to “Lukes” in the article you pointed me to

    Here is the paragraph in which Lukes is mentioned:

    “There are some independent-minded people running,” she says, citing school-committee candidate Donna Colorio, a local Tea Party figure as one example. City Councilor Konnie Lukes has also developed a conservative and Tea Party backing.”

    It would be impossible to imagine Tea Party members not voting for Lukes. They certainly are not going to vote for a candidate that promise if we elect him he will not raise residential taxes and proves as Gary Rosen correctly writes he is not a man of his word. They are also not going to vote for someone that who will give the “shirt off our backs”. I imagine that most if not all Independents who are not members of a public sector union will also vote for Lukes. However, you said you are also a friend of Lukes so I feel it is safe to assume you know she is a very independent person.

    One thing I notice though about the paragraph in the Worcester Magazine is “There are some independent-minded people running,” she says, citing school-committee candidate Donna Colorio, a local Tea Party” is followed by “one figure as one example. City Councilor Konnie Lukes has also developed a conservative and Tea Party backing” but the quotes on the latter part are mine not Colorio’s. Therefore, can we directly attribute the words “”one figure as one example. City Councilor Konnie Lukes has also developed a conservative and Tea Party backing” to a local Tea Party memberc an we? I do not think Jeremy meant to be misleading here. He either failed attribute it to Colorio by including it in quotes or he did not see some might misconstrue this into a statement from Colorio that the Tea Party is officially backing her. Anyways…. none of this helps me understand the comment “What former mayor had Tea Party standouts at Newton Square”.

    Please bare with my ignorance I just really want to understand Nicole’s comments.

    Thanks – Jim

      1. Nicole that is funny but it does not answer my question. I will not bother asking again 🙂 Thanks for the humor though.

        1. Jim, I genuinely do not know what the issue is.

          If someone (let’s say, the current Mayor) had a bunch of Neighbor to Neighbor activists holding signs and waving at a streetcorner, then regardless of whether those folks were wearing buttons, pins, or neon signs identifying themselves as N2N, I think it would be fair to say that that individual had “N2N standouts.” I know of nothing that visually identifies someone as Tea Party.

          You have concerns that my wording is deceptive. Blind items are, by their nature, brief, and do not name the people involved. I don’t know if you have an issue with that medium in general, because you continue to mention someone’s name. In these days of easy Google-ability, you have now made an association that you feel is unsavory easily searchable.

          You also have concerns that one short sentence was an “attempt to give both the Tea Party and Lukes a black eye.” Again, I don’t know why you think so poorly about both the Tea Party and Councilor Lukes that you think a mutual association (loose, tight, whatever) amounts to giving them a black eye.

          The original sentence was relatively innocuous, didn’t mention any names, and could have been easily forgotten. Your comments have made the association you find so distasteful that much more easily searchable. Congratulations!

  3. What part of “The Tea Party does not endorse candidates” don’t you guys understand.

    Worcester Tea Party run by Ken Mandile operates as a 501(3)c (sic?) and as such they can not endorse anyone without violating the law. Their sole purpose is education. Many decades ago the public schools (at least around here) stopped teaching civics.

    We have city councilors that don’t know the difference between a republic and a democracy, so the role that Ken Mandile’s organization is playing is sorely needed.

    The dumbing down of America….

    As far as Tea Party members showing up to do a standout for Lukes. It just didn’t happen. I am on all of the Tea Party mailing lists in the entire central Mass region and I am connected to them via facebook as well. If that happened I would have heard about it.

    Please get your facts right. It hurts the credibility of your blog to have incorrect stories posted and it makes people wonder what agenda you might have.

    God Bless
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I agree with Brendan on the WoMag. If you look to them for accurate reporting you are a fool. They print mostly rumors and innuendo. There is very little hard facts in that weekly. I mean come on, look at who their most prodigious comment poster is.

    You can do better Nicole.

    1. Chris, you make some very good points. Also look at how Nicole responds to my simple request to substantiate her comments. She not only refuses to do so she writes in two of her posts words stating I think poorly of Konnie Lukes. Let me quote her, “I don’t know why you think so poorly about both the Tea Party and Councilor Lukes”

      If you read my post Chris, or anyone else with the exception of Nicole, will see I clearly state I think very well of Konnie. I also stated I am voting for Konnie. Nicole either did not did not read my posts and just shot off her mouth or just makes it up as she goes along.

      Both the Telegram and the Worcester Magazine often engage in advocacy through journalism. This blog appears to do worse. The Telegram stating a candidate was at any political rally does not make them a member of the party holding the rally. The fact that a candidate attracts votes from any given party does not mean people in other parties do not also support the candidate. I voted for Scott Brown but I am an Independent not a Republican or Tea Party member. As a registered independent I voted for both Ronald Reagan twice and Bill Clinton twice simply because I felt they were the best choice of the two options.

      Nicole I think just talks nonsense here or likes to smear.

  5. Nicole,

    If I showed up to see a N2N standout, because I was curious, would that make me a member of the group?

    As an editor of the telegram once said to me “Don’t believe every thing that you see in the paper, I don’t”.

    That advice is good for ALL of the print publication in our fair city, as well as it’s blogs.

    Keep Smiling

  6. Nicole, Clearly you did not read my post or you would not again state. “I don’t know why you think so poorly about … Councilor Lukes”. I make it very clear in my posts that I not only am a friend of Konnie, just as Brendan states he is, I stated in my posts I am voting for her.

    All your words state you have clearly not read my post but that is fine.

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