Pay down for T&G workers

I’d found this a few days ago and forgot to point it out…

WRNI has a long story about Projo contract negotiations; of interest:

The newspaper industry is in difficult straits and employees at other New England newspapers — both larger and smaller –have witnessed wage reductions. Boston Globe employees recently took a 7 percent pay cut and workers at the Worcester Telegram, who are represented by the Providence Guild, saw their paychecks decline by 3 percent. [emphasis added]

No, there will be no cheap shots in this post.  We need a local daily, we need one that is informative, and — ultimately — we need one that is profitable, not just for rich people who live out of state.  I don’t know what, if anything, will come of the 2100 Trust proposal, but I hope it makes for a better news product for readers, contributors, and investors.

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