Perotto on American Idol

Jim mentioned that last night’s American Idol featured Worcester resident Michael Perotto (the son of the former city councilor of the same name).

Entertainment Weekly gave the following description of his performance: ‘An adult baby in a colorful plaid shirt refrained from burping long enough to give “Proud Mary” a shot and beg the very reasonable question, “Did you eat paint chips as a child?”‘

This blogger said that he ‘sang “Proud Mary” so bad, Ike came back from the dead to hit Tina again’.  Another blogger said ‘Michael Perotto keeps burping, I like him already. They’re being too harsh on him, he wasn’t THAT bad! At least he was hitting 75% of the notes, it just doesn’t sound good. The tone isn’t great.’

This is the only video I can find of his performance…judge for yourself:

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