14 thoughts on “Pit bull attacks neighbor dog, stabbed in gut, dies

  1. My thoughts were the same as yours, Mike. Most of us wonder what we’d do in that kind of situation, and I hope I would have the presence of mind he obviously did. Depending on the dog, I might try to kick it first…but if you don’t know whether it has rabies, etc., you might not want to take the risk.

  2. Whoever thinks this was neccesary is a sick person imo. This dog duke was my friend, and so is his owner/father. This dog lived in the same apartment a baby girl was in, and I would even put my freedom on it that you could leave the two in a room alone. This dog was with my 2 month old american bulldog puppy doing nothing more than simply being a dog. Playing, licking, loving life. Which was drastically taken because he was cruely murdered. Don’t you think different measures could have been taken? How can a dog owner sleep at night after that? Grab a frying pan, a whistle, a treat, a broom, a cup of water. If that fails then do what you need to do, but ladies and gentleman, this dog was murdered because of the name people have given these unfairly treated animals. Look at the owners people. Thinking these breeds are awful animals is complete racism. My dog is the friendliest, loyalest, loving dog I have owned. Now with this ordinance I have to muzzle my dog? Neuter him? Good luck. I will go to jail before I put a muzzle on the dog that didn’t do anything wrong, and “pitbull” owners need to stand up. Together to stop this rediculous “law”. If you want mine to wear a muzzle, then every dogs gotta wear one. Rip Duke, gonna miss you, and sympathy for the family who lost a part of itself. This guy should be ashamed. Go explain to child why her friend is gone?POS

  3. Whenever I do training with dogs and introductions for play group dogs I would make sure to have at least one but preferably two metal food dishes. If the dogs begin to fight you either bang them together or throw one against a wall or ground. Often when dogs fight they get tunnel vision(regardless of breed). They get so into what they are doing they don’t hear you yelling or feel you kicking them. Similar to when people have adrenalin rushes. Making this loud noise startles the dog and “shakes” them out of the zone.

    I have doubts stabbing the dog was not necessary. Stabbing a dog would never be my first instinct. Did the man run for the knife or have it on him?
    Either way this is a very sad story, that could have completely been prevented with maintaining control of their dog. Owners of misunderstood breeds need to be extremely cautions, not because the dogs are vicious, but because any incidents will be noticed and reflect that breed. For every irresponsible act dog owners do, they cancel out 100 of the great things responsible owners does

  4. I knew this dog and this is disgusting. Everyone thinks they know it all but in reality it’s many people making assumptions. How about I go walk by your house with my little rat terrier and let your Akita or whatever the hell kind of expensive dog it is bark and run at my dog then hopefully I’ll have my knife on me so you can know what it feels like to have your dog brutally stabbed for no reason. Was this Akita injured? No probably not but of course the upstanding citizens of Worcester know when it’s necessary to handle a situation (haha I don’t THINK so!)

    1. According to the Telegram, the Akita was bitten on one of its ears.

      Regarding assumptions, that’s the only thing one can rely on when one is faced with a loose dog one has never met. The owners of the Akita could not rely on knowledge they didn’t have (that is, that the dog was wonderful in the context of its own family and home). They may have never thought of the possibility that their dog would be attacked.

      Unfortunately, threatening to assault a dog that was on its own property (and got involved with a fight with a dog that was in violation of the leash law) doesn’t bring back the dead dog. All dogs, “expensive” or not, pit bulls or not, deserve good owners. Let’s focus on efforts that would educate owners (on the importance of leashing, spay/neuter, and training) and not on blaming people who were put in a really bad situation.

  5. I absolutely agree, Nicole. The new ordinance would not have stopped this incident. The ordinance does not address the problem of irresponsible owner and if we do not do that we will not stop future incidents like this. Spaying/Neutering are vital, animal safety education and knowing the body language of dogs would reduce incidents. Increasing ACO’s in the city or giving police the ability to fine for violations would help. Making steep fines for ANY dog off leash, roaming, left tethered to a stationary object while the owner is away should be enforced. If a dog bites a person or dog, there should be steep fines for the owner. Any dog that has attacked and is deemed dangerous BY A VET should be muzzled. Owners that do not vaccinate their dogs should be fined. Responsible residents need to hold our neighbors accountable. If you see them being irresponsible say something, if they continue, call the ACO. If they don’t do anything call the police and if it continues tell city council. The city should fund or find a way to fund a spay/neuter clinic for all city pit bulls and reduced fee for low income of any animal. All of these would increase responsibility and create a safer community.

    1. Sing it, sister!

      (I should make it clear that I have nothing against pit bulls or any other breed of dog, and I’m not particularly interested in blaming folks. Let’s approach spay/neuter and dog education in the same way that we’ve approached public health education — as something that’s a public service.)

      1. Exactly! It should be taught to every student, every year. And services available for the public. If VFW wants someone to talk to their members, the city has someone, or Girl Scouts or some family interested in getting a dog. I would even teach it. if only the city could hire me as the City Animal Safety Educator!

  6. Need I mention this all took place in 120 seconds. Dog ran out of the house by the time it got into the neighbors yard 30 seconds went by. There was no yelling, no warning, and cowardly if you ask me. This dog was my friend. The owner is responsible and the dog was insured for $150,000. Need I say more. This was murder. No action was taken except for running into his kitchen, grabbing a knife, and brutally killing this misunderstood creature. Like I said earlier, I am not muzzling my puppy. He did nothing to deserve it, and never will. The day he does hold me accountable and put me in jail. I put everything on it, and would say the same thing for Duke. That was a one of a kind family dog that should be the poster dog for the “pitbull” revolution I plan to start. Get educated and meet one before you fall into the same category as the misinformed council that only mpasses on bad information making these incidents happen. I have never been bitten by a “pitbull.” But by plenty of other small breed dogs and mutts. YOU DON’T GET BAD DOGS, YOU GET BAD OWNERS. This man should go to jail for animal cruelty and excessive force.

  7. Even a baseball bat. Anything. Fire extinguisher. The man was asked after if he had one in the kitchen and he said yes. This man saw the dog and immediatley said pitbull and slaughtered him with NO WARNING. I am infuriated. This man owned a dog himself? Well that’s an awful owner right there. His dog right should be taken, along with his dignity and pride and freedom. Cops never do anything, my friend drove by someone riding his stolen four wheeler in the valley, called the cops they came got him his four wheeler and left!!!! No arrest made. The cops even told him you better leave they’re looking for blood. This is not professional. This was a 7000$ quad by the way. No arrest. BS if iv EVER seen it, now and then. Worthless, and not worth the call imo. The telegram is a bunch of decieving backstabbers as well. Acting on your side until they print the paper. Making everybody look bad. 3 friends of mine died and they did nothing but slander them. One shouldn’t have been trespassing, the other shouldn’t have been drinking, the other was shooting bb guns. Now its not just a kid that died, its a bad kid that died. WGAF. The kids are dead. Leave them alone. So fed up with this citys population lazy, betraying, uneducated, and misinformed people.

  8. A human life is more valuable than a dog’s life. I may not know all the details, but if he really thought his wife’s life was in danger then he did the right thing. I’d much rather see a dead dog than a dead person.

  9. I find the police reports usage of the word ‘attack’ to be unnecessary. It shows bias in their report and they failed to explain attacking. From the multiply sides of the story that I have heard I would have liked a better summary of the actual two dogs encounter. Having written many police reports with my past career, I can say that this is leaving a lot to the imagination and written in a favorable manner to the akita owner, rather than the neutral position they should be writing from.

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