The Boston Globe printed three letters to the editor about the (second) Brian McGrory column about Worcester.  It played out as you would expect, namely:

One letter from an Auburn resident defending the typical Worcester-places-to-be-extolled: restaurants, colleges, and the biotech industry.  It also includes the requisite outrage at McGrory’s temerity to “condemn a city that nearly 200,000 people call home.”  Another letter from a Braintree resident (who is proudly from Worcester) highlights much of the same, namechecking some restaurants and (unintentionally) reminding us that anything Worcester does (eateries, hospitals, institutions of higher learning) Boston does better.  These letters once again show that Worcester abounds in potholes and restaurants…and continues to lack a collective sense of humor. 

A counterpoint letter from professional-crank-stuck-at-least-a-decade-behind-the-rest-of-us, Scott Wolfe also highlights the humorless nature of our fair city, referring to McGrory’s column as “no-nonsense” and “hard-hitting.”  (To be fair, I’m not convinced that Wolfe isn’t just a performance artist, but that’s a whole other blog post.)  Wolfe’s complaints veer to his usual fare — that is, downtown is dead, except for “Medical City”, which is needed because all its citizens are depressed.

For the love of all that is good…let it go, Worcester.  Let the comparisons to Providence go!  Let the “but we’re the second largest city in New England”/”we’ve got colleges!”/”we have seven hills…JUST LIKE ROME!” arguments go!  Let the incensed responses to funny columns go!

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