Reporting vs. Journalism

I came across a great blog post about hyperlocal reporting vs. journalism, which included the following gem:

The T&G is a newspaper that never put a premium on journalism, but a heavy emphasis on reporting the happenings of Central Massachusetts. The joke used to be that if the world ended in nuclear holocaust the headline in the T&G would be “Worcester Among Cities Destroyed As World Ends.”

Without a real history of journalism, the T&G has emphasized its local reporting. When I left the newspaper in 1999 the daily circulation was above 117,000.  The T&G now has a circulation of less than 83,000 and it continues to fall.

Clearly, this hyperlocal strategy isn’t working.

I recommend reading the whole post if you’re interested in the future of newspapers.

One thought on “Reporting vs. Journalism

  1. Thanks, Nic, for bringing this to our attention. I’ve long bemoaned the T&G’s reliance on reporting at the cost of journalism. It is, however, the necessary result of local news coverage. In that way, the T&G is no different from other local papers. It is what it is, and I read it just to see what’s happening, but not why.

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