Shroom-master Stamets at Clark Wednesday

Noted fungi expert Paul Stamets “is giving a talk on fungal bioremediation of environmental pollutants in the Lasry Center for Bioscience at Clark (on Maywood St) from 3-4pm this Wednesday, June 29.”

Update: MCF, here are some notes for you.

Clark mycologist David Hibbet introduces people working on possible mycoremediation of the “Fisherville Mill site” in Grafton.

Stamets talked about how he cleaned up the water flowing off his property (in an area where everyone had messed up septic systems or something) with Garden Giant mushrooms.

He has a new method of preparing mushroom substrate through freshwater or saltwater fermentation.

Agaricus can be used for lead remediation. Morels also but they are ephemeral.

I asked him for details of the fermentation thing. Here’s what I remember, plus what Sean and Hannah remember.

First put the wood chips or whatever in a bucket of water. Put a lid on the bucket to encourage an anaerobic environment.

After 2 weeks (1-3 weeks possible) take the wood out of the container. It will seriously reek and bother the neighbors. Use gloves and a respirator.

Put the wood chips on a tarp to kill anaerobic bacteria. We are not sure how long. You have 2 weeks to inoculate the chips. He seems to usually put them in burlap bags, innoculate them, and wet them.

He says this doesn’t work for every species, but works well for oyster mushrooms, turkey tails, and something in Latin I don’t know.

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