Signs, stump grinding, and water

The Worcester City Council meets tomorrow night at 7 pm. You can find the agenda here.

Starting off the meeting is a rare request for reconsideration filed by Councilor Smith. The Council voted to accept and file the petition to change Regent Street’s winter parking ban to one side of the street only. Councilor Smith asks that they reconsider the vote; one assumes he’s gotten some calls.

The city assessor is coming in (as promised last week) to show off the city’s new assessing software.

Also on the agenda: stump grinding! There’s been a backlog of stumps around the city, but I seem to recall that the Council voted money to buy new equipment, so perhaps that’s being take care of.

Also: the much-awaited sign ordinance, which one assumes now does not ban more than two political signs per lawn. The Council also has a proposal for an increase in the water rates, accompanied, as per usual, by strong words from Commissioner Moylan about state and federal mandates. It’s an average increase of about $44.64 over the year. And while we’re talking about water, there’s a proposal to increase the amount of land owned by the City surrounding Worcester’s reservoirs.

Speaking of land takings, the proposal that Clark University take Downing Street is being referred for a public hearing.

And among the money transfers is $97,098 in Worcester Public Schools projects (including that new science lab at Worcester East Middle!).

Here’s hoping both the wifi and WordPress are up and running tomorrow night!

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