Snippets of Worcester

“Worcester is the Industrial Abrasives Capital of the World, and a bit of this roughness rubs off on its inhabitants.” source: the really, really wonderful A Moveable Restaurant by Gerbil News Network

“Ceramic cup: $25, Handmade earrings $7, Painted bowls $30, Vintage shoes $5, Feather earrings $4, Silver rings $12, getting a true taste of Worcester= PRICELESS.”  source: START! by Olivia Rogine

(More stART reviews here and here, as well as on my new favorite Worcester blog.)

“Just when I was getting ready to walk out of the door, I overheard one of the employees say to another employee ‘I am not going back to the vintage room.’ Oh how my ears perked up!”  source: Abby’s House by Chic City Vintage

“With the Westborough Board of Selectmen’s approval last week of railroad giant CSX’s plan to relocate operations from Boston to the western suburbs, the MBTA is on track to expand service on its chronically slow and congested Worcester-Framingham-Boston line by the end of 2012, officials said.” source: Boston Globe

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