Snow Removal, of interest

CommonWealth Magazine’s Gabrielle Gurley put together a roundup of snow removal reporting, including this DEP reminder that those who dispose of snow need to be sensitive to the environment (the reading of which could likely have shaved off at least five minutes of Tuesday’s City Council meeting).

But by far the best link was to this editorial in the Springfield Republican about shoveling sidewalks, which I suggest should be read aloud at every street corner and bus stop around the Commonwealth:

Anyone who has walked anywhere over the past month has come across this scene: Someone has done an absolutely fabulous job of clearing the sidewalk in front of his house, making a passage to be proud of. The house next door is OK, its path a bit narrower, some snow and ice remaining, but nothing too terrible. Another house is messier still, but passable. And then, right along the same street, in front of a house that is clearly not abandoned, nothing. A sidewalk beneath a packed mountain of snow and ice.

Do these people simply not care about anyone but themselves? Do they have no pride? No sense? Do they have no understanding of what it means to be a part of society?

One wonders.

The sidewalk in front of your property is a right of way. You can’t block it with a fence. And you don’t get to decide if you want to clear the snow and ice. It’s the law.

Believing otherwise isn’t merely selfish – though it clearly is that – it’s also simply wrong. The sidewalk isn’t yours, but it’s your responsibility.

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