Spoken like a true Worcesterite

The most anticipated blog of

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the summer (by me, at least) is A Summer in Worcester, which is written by a law clerk who’s back home for the summer.

Here’s a taste:

If you’re from Worcester, you know that downtown has a virtual monopoly on skeezy people. There are crazies, crack heads, junkies, drunks, and criminals (I’ve SEEN three arrests so far) dotting the landscape of downtown. Sadly, the first floor retail of many beautiful historic buildings are full of places like check cashing, wig stores, and Cricket wireless. I bring my lunch every day, mostly due to the fact that there’s so few good places to go. But among this despair there is a beacon of hope: Dunkin Donuts.”

Keep him in your feed reader; if he keeps it up, he’ll get himself on the blogroll.

(Image: worcesterma worcester downtown, a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 image from Leonardo DaSilva’s photostream.)

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