Stray voltage

I saw a preview of a Channel 4 I-Team report on stray voltage last night (while watching Hawaii Five-0, please don’t judge), and immediately thought, “Well, those kinds of things never happen in Worcester.”

Oh, but according to the I-Team, they do.  Or could.

Worcester Public Works Commissioner Bob Moylan said he was surprised by what the I-Team found. Although they haven’t had any complaints about stray voltage city testers did find current on some of the poles the I-Team reported. Moylan believes some of the sites were false readings. Still, he said he is taking the situation seriously and plans to go beyond the state regulations.

“We are gong to put a label on each light pole as we inspect it, and I said we are going to do about 50 percent of our system each year,” said Moylan.

(Image: Sparks, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic image from mosoma’s photostream.)

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