John Davis, a 54-year-old businessman from Colorado, is running for president.

In what could quite possibly be a quote befitting a city council candidate, he said, “We need a symbol that symbolizes what we need to do in America, and we need to fix it. And it’s going to take a mighty big wrench to fix this country, so I just got a big old 36-inch pipe wrench and colored it.”

(Big colored pipe wrenches could be the new Gary Rosen comb. Someone, make it so.)

Anyway, he was stumping in Worcester over the weekend. Here are his wife’s thoughts on our fair city:

Our stop in Worcester was at George’s Coney Island. My notes said it is 100 years old, a piece of history. Catherine gave us permission to come, and Andrew met us there and welcomed us.

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He was a good looking man! I passed out fliers, John introduced himself, and Garrett took pictures. Skyler was in the bus eating lunch. I was told this is a very democratic area, but these were very friendly people, and one young man even stood to shake hands with John. How polite and respectful! Where are my single daughters?

In related news, the best comment ever posted on (about the article The 2 moons of Earth? It’s not lunacy) appeared online yesterday courtesy of commenter truthbetold:

junk science. just like the earth rotates. The sun rises and sets. theres no spinnig earth. the junk scientists have made the sheeple beleive the earth rotates to take God out of the equation.. You think God would have to have his earth spin. The bible is clear about the sun and so is common sense.

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