SWIP bidding to reopen in spring

WoMag, on what’s next for the South Worcester Industrial Park since the PharmaSphere thing finally died:

According to director of economic development Tim McGourthy, the city expects a new request for proposal (RFP) to seek bids in the spring, with similar criteria as the one from 2007 – the winning bid must erect a new building and create a significant amount of jobs.

McGourthy says that the rebidding will start from scratch; the city has “no one waiting in the wings.” But bidders for the plot in 2011 may look very similar to the bidders in 2007.

Nathan Smith, co-founder of Absolute Machinery, says he’s expanded his business in Newbury, Ohio, “as a direct result of not being able to obtain that land.” That facility employs three people, with three to four more coming. In Worcester, however, Absolute Machinery has 19 employees, but other cities constantly ask him to relocate.

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