The Boston Globe asks…

…”Is Worcester a hot bed for video-game design?”

I believe the answer is yes.

Also recommended in today’s Globe: Brian McGrory’s column about the four-hour commuter rail delay, which is worth reading for the following quote:

Let’s give MBTA executives the benefit of the doubt and assume that it may never have occurred to them that anyone would be in a rush to get to Worcester.

 …and the following suggestions for items to be sold in the MBTA online store:

In the meantime, perhaps they could make millions selling T-subsidized Kindle downloads of “War and Peace’’ (“Long enough to last through our worst delays!’’). MBTA T-shirts could carry the slogan: “Better late than never.’’

(This brief post composed using my extremely old Duke Nukem 3D mousepad.)

3 thoughts on “The Boston Globe asks…

  1. You’re right — it was four hours, total. The whole incident has given me flashbacks to a ride I had on a noontime train one summer (back when I was doing the Boston commute) — we were going so slow due to overheating that I got off at Grafton Station, had someone pick me up and drive me to Union Station, and I got there far ahead of the train.

  2. not sure why Peter Pan spokesman came off as so drab and neg this morning in, this is a great opportunity for them

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