The Route 70 price index

It seems

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like Worcester has become Main Street USA to Boston Globe reporters. In yesterday’s Globe, there was an article about how the “Main Street cost index” has been going up steadily for the past year. Ground zero — the Lincoln Square plaza.

To wit — “A dozen eggs that sold for as little as 89 cents a year ago now cost $1.39.”

I’m as sympathetic as anyone to price increases (because I have to buy food too), but it’s a bit weird to be talking about a plaza with “a Stop & Shop grocery store. A Lowe’s building store. A Target department store. A Dick’s Sporting Goods. A Barnes & Noble bookstore. A Papa Gino’s pizza shop. A Staples office supply store. And a MetroPCS cellphone retailer” without also talking about the shopping venues across the street, which include an Aldi (eggs at 99 cents) and a Savers (which sells better quality gently used clothing than Target at a lower price).

Perhaps I’m colored by a view that one can be satisfied with frugal comfort, but it’s just weird to have Worcester — a great place to live if you thrive on cheapness — portrayed as an inflationary Anytown USA.

Besides, the only thing real Worcesterites should care about is that Providence is so jealous of Gateway Park they want to build a similar research park there. So there!

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