The sinister origins of Worcester Blogger Coffee meetings

Worcester Magazine has a nice article about the recent series of blogger coffees, which has taken on a life of its own. The March 15 one is being organized by someone I’ve never met!

This series was preceded by a fun but less-well-attended series of “blogger beers” at the Dive Bar. The first one was May 14, 2009. Paul Collyer had been planning a “blogger brunch,” but the plans kept falling through, so we just got together at the Dive. The late Jeff Barnard did a nice write-up with diagrams. We had a few more of these get-togethers.

Photo of the first blogger beer by Jeff Barnard. Unlabeled are Alec and Brooks.

The real granddaddy of these meetups was the Worcester Community Media Summit, a nice chat with a bold name held January 13, 2007 at WCCA TV13. In retrospect, what community media needed in 2007 wasn’t more organization, it was more participation. I think the success of the blogger coffees is a sign that we finally have enough online writers in Worcester to have a full-blown community.

Hermis and Brian at the Community Media Summit.

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