Today in overblown, one-sided journalism

I’m not sure if the Channel 4 iTeam has just decided to open a satellite office in Worcester, but following up on their story about stray voltage, they decided to profile a firecracker.

Becky’s Driving School is reportedly a den of iniquity, or — perhaps more likely — a place you can attend if you want a really poor chance of passing your driver’s ed exam.  (Becky’s has a 52% failure rate versus the state average of 20%.)

Becky herself seems like a colorful character; if she doesn’t continue in driver’s ed, she might have a future in stand-up.

Requisite pull-quote:

“I said I did not agree with the Mass. seat belt law. Because you can marry someone of the same sex, you can kill an unborn child and then they tell you, you have to wear a seat belt. I was trying to bring out the contradiction in that,” Sullivan said.

(This is also a plea to the regular news media to do a story on Right Time Driving School.  I see their cars around, and I’d love to know if they’ve taken on Worcester: Right Time, Right Place as their motto.)

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