Tomorrow night’s Council agenda…not just for Gonzo

There’s an exciting agenda up tomorrow night.  Let’s see how we can screw things up!

  • Now that we’ve freed the city from the scourge of pit bulls, it should be safe enough for … chickens!  [11f]
  • My favorite topic (street signs) gets a mention.  [11b]
  • We might permanently exclude Meadow Lane from the snow removal ordinances.  [11k]
  • There are stray balls, thankfully not related to members of the US House of Representatives.  [11l]
  • Hope for a bookmobile springs eternal.  [10b]
  • Tree nurseries in vacant lots: an idea whose time has come again. [11a]

(Image: Hiding in Plain Sight, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic image from nigeldogg’s photostream)

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow night’s Council agenda…not just for Gonzo

  1. can a bookmobile really be put on the road so quickly? why not a private one without city employees on board?

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