Twi Language Classes

Worcester Public Schools Night Life will be offering Twi Language Classes beginning next month.  From the listing:

8 THURSDAYS, Starts 3/10/11
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Worcester Resident $105.00
Non-Worcester Resident $120.00

The advantages of learning an African language this New Year are just overwhelming! For its rich culture and friendliness of the people, coupled with other economic, educational and social reasons, you may want to consider joining this introductory Twi learning course. The class promises to be fun and eye-opening to know Africans better in their music, dance and other cultural practices. Expect to greet and be able to converse with friends and students in basic Twi during and after the course. Several teaching and learning resources would be employed to ensure proficiency and understanding of the course. Some of the topics to be covered include greetings, simple questions/requests and responses, counting, names of people and reasons behind and days of the week, and some cultural practices. Twi is spoken by several thousands of immigrants in Worcester County and other parts of the Commonwealth. In other states and Canada, you would encounter Ghanaians and engage them in an exciting conversation to the surprise and envy of your friends and colleagues. In addition to English, Twi is spoken and understood by about sixty percent of the twenty-two million Ghanaians in Ghana, and could be safely referred to as the emerging lingua franca of the country. Learning Twi would open you up to life-long friendship and untapped business opportunities beyond the borders of the country. Take advantage of this new Twi language class and enhance your life in 2011.

The registration form is available here.

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