Upcoming City Council meeting: johns, crosswalks, public access forums, and other motions

Some highlights from the upcoming Worcester City Council agenda:

  • 15f: Many city councilors request that a non-binding question about changing the school committee from at-large to a mix of at-large and district be placed on November’s ballot.
  • 19b – 19h: Various citizen and councilor requests to make public access forums at city council meetings, change the number of terms a councilor can serve on a subcommittee, and restricting city council meetings to within the city limits are all going to the (circular) file.
  • 6a: The mayor requests the “City Manager report to City Council concerning the legal authority that college police officers have in patrolling non campus areas of the city and in questioning non-students as part of off campus patrols.”
  • 12.14 A: The James Street Bridge project appears to be proceeding on schedule.

Also: various items about the Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District, a crosswalk on Olean Street, petitioning the legislature for permission to impound johns’ cars, and a million other items.

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