Worcester Art Museum, of in-depth interest


The Boston Globe featured a long book excerpt about the botched 1972 Worcester Art Museum heist.  They also featured an excellent in-depth look at Piero di Cosimo’s “Discovery of Honey by Bacchus.”

Speaking of WAM, This is Leigh introduced me to my new favorite art museum game.

In other Worcester-related tidbits…


This gentleman person took a road trip through Massachusetts and got some great shots of a few Central Mass sights, including a couple of the pig bus.


Why is it every time visitors pass through Worcester they feel it necessary to comment on the smell?  This Globe article about how skunk smells can linger for days, especially if you hit them with your car, contains the following quote:

“It is believed the smell peaked in Worcester.’’

3 thoughts on “Worcester Art Museum, of in-depth interest

  1. Thanks for the plug for my blog at #2 — however, I’m not a “gentleman”. Weird sexist assumption. You might want to explore my blog and/or website further. Loads of other Massachusetts stuff there.

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