Worcester Bike Path Survey

A group of WPI students are doing a project to develop a plan to build a commuter bike path through Worcester.

They have developed a survey, and they want to distribute it to as many people who live, study, or work in Worcester as possible.

If you or anyone you know is interested in completing this survey, you can find it here.

(Image: Bicycle Boulevard 1, a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licensed image from Payton Chung’s photostream.)

3 thoughts on “Worcester Bike Path Survey

  1. One of my pet peeves, but one that seems to matter according to state law; Bike lanes are what you share the road with cars on. Bike Paths are what your Aunt who hasn’t been on a bike in 40 years rides at the Cape. Worcester, like all cities needs bike lanes, not paths. It’s confusing as to what they actually want as they use more than one term that carries a legal definition in the MGL. I’m sure the group behind this is well meaning, but it’s hard to take people seriously when it’s not clear if they even know what they’re asking for.

    “Bike path”, a route for the exclusive use of bicycles separated by grade or other physical barrier from motor traffic.
    “Bike lane”, a lane on a street restricted to bicycles and so designated by means of painted lines, pavement coloring or other appropriate markings.
    “Bike route”, a roadway shared by both bicycles and other forms of transportation designated by the means of signs or pavement markings.

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