Worcester bouncer assault: arrest, hearing, viral video, white supremacists

If you haven’t seen the video of a Worcester bouncer trapping a guy in a strip club bathroom, accusing him of selling drugs, punching him a couple times, and taking his money, it’s below. Apparently a fellow employee shot the video. The incident was last May 25, but the video only recently appeared. The bouncer was arrested this week. The T&G says that he’ll be arraigned today next Tuesday and that the License Commission will have a hearing about all this next month.

Worcester Magazine has a partial transcription.

Dianne Williamson notes that white supremacists have embraced the video. The bouncer is black and the guy he punches is white; at one point he makes the guy kneel and pray “Oh, great fucking brown dude.” Neil Foisy estimates the video has been seen 200,000 times online, but I had trouble finding a working copy, presumably because YouTube is removing them when white supremacists descend upon the comments sections or use it as a recruiting tool.

Some of the white supremacists are holding a meeting at the library Wednesday. Their visits to Worcester are usually ignored, but they’ll likely get some attention this time.

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