Worcester Elections Commission Video

Normally video isn’t taken of Elections Commission meetings.

However, a frequent reader found video of August 29’s Worcester Election Commission Hearing (from Desiree Awiszio) on Vimeo.:

Here are details on who’s speaking when:
t=0,          George Valeri (Democrat wearing red Teamsters shirt)
t=1:50,     Paul (Democrat , last name inaudible)
t=4:10,     Bill Breault (Dem , mentioned he worked on McGovern’s campaign and others)
t=6:40      State Rep John Fresolo (Dem )
t=13:40    Jeff Potter
t=14:30    Councilor Rushton
t=17:05    Tina Hood
t=19:30    N2N organizer
t=23         Worcester Mayor Joe O’Brien

Jordan also posted lots of pictures to twitter.

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