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I was reading over the latest Harvard Magazine (no, I’m not an alum, I just read it for the real estate ads for houses I couldn’t begin to afford, photos of random sculptures, and articles about really cute novelists) and came across an article profiling three great day trip spots, one of which was Worcester.  (One of the others was one of my favorite places, Peterborough, NH.)
While there are some inaccuracies in the article (Unique Boutik is no more; at least one web address was incorrect), it also highlights restaurants that aren’t on Shrewsbury Street, and at least one attraction that’s off the beaten path: Hadwen Arboretum.

2 thoughts on “Worcester in Harvard Magazine

  1. Is there anything at the Hadwen Arboretum that would stand out to the casual visitor? It’s just a hill with trees and a community garden (and a ton of Clark yard waste), right?

    1. No, nothing that would stand out to a casual visitor. If you look at the .pdf of the historical notes, you could find some trees of significance, but at this point, it’s not really an arboretum by the definition of any tree afficionado. The trees aren’t labeled (as far as I can tell), there are a lot of “junk” trees (trees that shouldn’t be growing there, for a variety of reasons), the trees that are of some sort of significance have not been properly maintained, etc.

      This summer, my husband and I are planning on doing a survey to update the historical notes. (We spent half our honeymoon in arboretums, we’ve got a bit of familiarity with some wacky species and varieties, etc.) This project will likely take the whole summer, but we’re hoping to have a better idea of what’s there and what condition the trees are in when we complete it.

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