Worcester Power

I’m a huge fan of the Phoenix’s David Bernstein, and he frequently has a feature on the Phoenix blog where you can ask him anything.

Today, James asked him, “What happened to the much celebrated ‘Worcester Power’ of 2010?”

(I have to confess that when I first heard “Worcester Power”, somehow I thought of Hulkamania.  I think “Worcester Power is goin’ to run wild on you!” has a nice ring to it.)

Bernstein, to his credit, says that things didn’t quite pan out as he’d hyped before the fall election.  However:

Lil’ Timmy Murray is surely the favorite to be the next Governor. Jim McGovern is still a political powerhouse, in line for the Rules Committee chairmanship in not too many years.

I guess the big question is whether the relatively new officeholders, like Republican Sheriff Lew Evangelidis, Mayor Joe O’Brien, and state senator Michael Moore, turn out to be rising stars. I’d say all three (and others) have great potential, but you never know.

Head over to the Phoenix blog if you’ve got a different take…

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