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John Lurie’s First Sax

I’ve been reading up on former-Worcesterite John Lurie for a possible Happiness Pony profile, and came across this amazing quote:

I was on Main Street in Worcester, Massachusetts at 4 AM, just walking around. I ran into this black guy, he was about 22. This guy was pushing a wheelbarrow full of dirt down the

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street. He explained that he was going to plant an organic garden on his roof. He also told me that he had just seen a statue turn into an angel. He said it in such a way, that I believed him. We started talking about music. He took me to his house where I had to be very quiet because his mother was asleep. He gave me a tenor saxophone and a

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bicycle. This is how I started playing the saxophone.

Worcester, still a “creative city”

ITEM: Worcester is America’s 14th “most creative” metro area according to this Daily Beast article referencing Richard Florida’s Creative Class index.

This diverse city in western Massachusetts is ranked in Florida’s book as the second-best mid-size city for young singles, which also lends itself to young creative types.

ITEM: Richard Florida is a doofus.

ITEM: Worcester is not in Western Massachusetts.

(We need to make a category on this blog for “Worcester makes a favorable showing in some ranking,” because I can’t keep these things straight.)

The first “ste” is silent

The Consumerist gives us a spelling

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of Worcester even I haven’t seen:

(Thanks to a friend for the find!)

Canseco out?

A few days after tweeting “Not that I know anything, but if you want to see our “star” player play I would suggest coming to a game this week. #JustSaying #Tornadoes,” Tornadoes outfielder Cameron Monger wrote this morning “Tonight will be @JoseCanseco’s last game with the ‪#Tornadoes‬. Hope he goes out with a bang.”

Updates: Andy Lacombe the first journalist to confirm this is something like correct: “Sources say Jose Canseco to be released this weekend – last game tonight – Canseco will remain with team in some capacity @CharterTV3Sport.” Deadspin has an unnamed reporter quoting Canseco calling the rumor “inaccurate.” (Monger deleted today’s tweet from his Twitter and Facebook accounts, though the earlier prediction is still up.)

T&G: “Jorg Bassiacos, general manager, said rumors about the 47-year-old former American League MVP leaving the team are false.”

More Updates: T&G: “Jose Canseco’s Worcester future uncertain”

Pollution & Poverty in Worcester

There’s a long article on the Scientific American website about lead exposure and stress as causes for health issues in poor children; a Worcester family is profiled:

When doctors told Wanda Ford her 2-year-old son had lead poisoning, she never suspected that the backyard in her low-income neighborhood was the likely culprit.

Ford knew that exposure to the heavy metal could be dangerous. So when she and her husband moved into the Lower Lincoln Street neighborhood, Ford, then pregnant, took steps to make sure their 100-year-old home was lead-free.

“We never thought to test the soil – my son played in the backyard all the time,” said Ford, whose son is now seven.

There’s a nice mention of Worcester Roots Project at the end of the article.