1 Police Officer per 4.5 Black Gay Ministry Supporters

There’s been a lot of questioning as to why the Worcester Police Department parked 6 cruisers in front of City Hall on March 27th prior to the City Council Meeting. The City Manager’s Office denied that it was a purposeful attempt to intimidate community residents and Councilors vis a vis the storm surrounding Chief Gemme and was in fact a planned response to an expected protest.

Baffled, I filed a public records request seeking any emails that would clarify the Police Department’s position. This is

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what I received back.

Black Gay Ministry

Having never seen that many Officers assigned to a possible protest, I was really baffled to see 11 officers on duty the following week. Given the WPD intel of “a group of about 50 from the Black Gay ministry” we’re now able to understand this excessive assignment from their perspective. They needed 1 Officer for every 4.5 Black Gay Ministry supporters.

T&G photo

3 thoughts on “1 Police Officer per 4.5 Black Gay Ministry Supporters

  1. Funny I saw 200+ protestors at the school admin office protesting yesterday but only 4 officers were on hand.

  2. How long the Worcester Police will continue to use this intimidation tactics to short down peaceful Protesters in the city I do not know, why can’t they allow Blacks to Match Peacefully in the city where they live and pay and pay Taxes I do not know? Worcester Police have systematically brought back their racist way of doing business to get ride of Blacks and black interest from the city, they do it by harassing Blacks while driving, or even doing business in the city. When will they stop this Harassment and let the Black people coexist along side like everyone else in this community? Worcester has over the Years proven to be more Racist than ever before. It’s high time we address the issue of Racism in This community. Just this Past week, a young lad was beating mercilessly by group of Worcester Police Department while claiming to make an arrest for domestic violence, this young man ended up staying two days at the Memorial Hospital from the Injuries he sustained as a result from the beating from those policemen. The case is still pending in court. When will incidents like this stop and most of this cases goes unreported.

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