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Nominations for Preservation Worcester’s Most Endangered Structures List

Preservation Worcester is seeking nominations for its 2013 Most Endangered Structures list.  You can visit their website for more information about the project & to download the nomination form.  Nominations are due by January 11.

Related: One of the items on the 2008 Most Endangered Structure List was the historical roadway marker at the corner of Belmont and Shrewsbury Streets.

According to MassDOT, one of the 10 markers originally erected in the city of Worcester (the Wigwam Hill marker — which is the marker for Route 20 and Lake Avenue) has been restored by students at Worcester Technical High School.

It seems as if MassDOT is restoring each of these markers.

Worcester originally had 10 of these markers, and I believe eight remain.  You can look at this amazingly extensive list for the markers across the state; Worcester’s markers are at the end of the list.

City Council meeting preview: 18 December 2012 edition

From this week’s agenda [PDF]:

  • None dare call it swimming: “11a. Request Commissioner of Public Works & Parks begin the discussion of aquatic placement and construction within District 1. (Economou)”
  • Preventing economic development that’s not part of the plan: “11c. Request City Manager, working with the Worcester Redevelopment Authority, explore the feasibility of taking the Wyman-Gordon property on Madison Street and throughout the Kelly Square area by eminent domain for public purposes and/or explore the feasibility of taking said property as a demonstration project under urban renewal regulations for economic development purposes. (Petty, Palmieri, Germain, Eddy, Rushton, Economou, O’Brien, Russell, Toomey)” (how do you get 9 councilors to co-sponsor something controversial and late-breaking without what amounts to deliberation?)
  • Konnie’s war on drugs: “11d. Request City Manager report on the city’s policies for dealing with “Grow Houses” and if no protocol is in place to make recommendations as to policies dealing with illegal Grown [sic] Houses. (Lukes)”
  • An anonymous proposal?: “14a. 9Adopt on a roll call) That if the City of Worcester as a proposed host community for gaming signs an agreement with a gaming license applicant, that the City Council goes on record at this time in favor of opting out of the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 23K, sec 15, paragraph 13 so that the binding vote on said agreement shall be by the voters of the entire community and not just the voters of the ward in which the gaming establishment is proposed to be located.”
  • 15a. REPORT OF THE HISTORICAL COMMISSION Upon the Petition of Janet Merrill, President of Crown Hill Neighborhood Association requesting to create a Local Historic District to include some properties in the area of Pleasant, Piedmont, Chandler, Irving, Clinton Streets and Houchin Avenue.

Survey about focus of Worcester NSF award

Worcester recently received an NSF grant to fund “fund arts-based incubators for innovation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning in Worcester, San Diego, and Chicago, as well as a new arts-based STEM curriculum; experimental research to measure the impact of arts-based learning on creativity, collaboration and innovation; and public programs using the project’s activities to advance civic engagement with STEM.

As part of the activities to advance civic engagement, there’s a survey circulating about which option Worcester will use for the civic innovation challenge.

The two options are:

  • New transportation solutions to enhance Worcester’s economic productivity, connect its neighborhoods and communities, and improve the quality of life for its residents and visitors.
  • New products, processes, and services to limit the growing human and economic impact of severe storms on Worcester by enhancing the community’s ability to respond to these devastating events and adapt to their increasing frequency.

The survey takes about 2 minutes to complete, and they would like responses by December 16.  Please take a couple minutes to complete, and share with other folks you think might be interested.