Binienda Faints in Boston

According to the State House News Service , Worcester state Rep. John Binienda is in the hospital today after fainting yesterday at the State House. He has diabetes and had blood sugar problems.

Unrelated: A search at finds no articles with “Binienda” in the past 30 days.

Update: T&G article now up:

His aide John Murphy said that Mr. Binienda was feeling woozy yesterday and briefly passed out before paramedics were called and treated him at the Statehouse. He was conscious and alert after being treated and paramedics recommended he go to the hospital. They transported him to nearby Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mr. Murphy said Mr. Binienda was feeling well enough last night to call his office to keep track of the flurry of legislative activity under way until the final formal session ended at midnight. He said Mr. Binienda was being monitored and having some tests done today but was feeling better.

“He is a diabetic and has been for many years. His sugar levels were very high and he did faint so to speak, but came to very quickly,” Mr. Murphy said.

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