Canseco out?

A few days after tweeting “Not that I know anything, but if you want to see our “star” player play I would suggest coming to a game this week. #JustSaying #Tornadoes,” Tornadoes outfielder Cameron Monger wrote this morning “Tonight will be @JoseCanseco’s last game with the ‪#Tornadoes‬. Hope he goes out with a bang.”

Updates: Andy Lacombe the first journalist to confirm this is something like correct: “Sources say Jose Canseco to be released this weekend – last game tonight – Canseco will remain with team in some capacity @CharterTV3Sport.” Deadspin has an unnamed reporter quoting Canseco calling the rumor “inaccurate.” (Monger deleted today’s tweet from his Twitter and Facebook accounts, though the earlier prediction is still up.)

T&G: “Jorg Bassiacos, general manager, said rumors about the 47-year-old former American League MVP leaving the team are false.”

More Updates: T&G: “Jose Canseco’s Worcester future uncertain”

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