GoLocalWorcester, day two review

Today was the second day for the new local new site GoLocalWorcester. (Or, as I like to call it, Go Local Worcester.)

Later in the day yesterday they posted a little video wrapup of the day’s stories on their homepage. Production is rough—background noise waxes and wanes, and for some clips the audio is only in one channel. It’s a bare-bones player with no embedding or full-screen capabilities.

Their website is still unviewable on mobile devices. I don’t mean hard to use—I mean mobile users get a big green “G”, a line about the current weather, and no news or articles at all.

Today, 16 stories were posted in the morning, and one story later in the day.

Several of the stories have a regional angle but are not really about the city. I count four about Worcester:

So far, there is not a lot on this site I could not find somewhere else. Not much in the way of Worcester aggregation or point-of-view either. I’ll be sure to post something about it next week unless something noteworthy pops up before then.

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