GoLocalWorcester: Days 3-9

In an effort to understand what kind of role the new website GoLocalWorcester is playing in the effort to report “hard news” in Worcester, here’s a rundown of what they posted in the last 6 days.

My RSS reader caught 77 posts from February 17-23. (I don’t see anything for Sunday Feb 19.) 34 of these seem to have something to do with Worcester.

Neither the writing, reporting, or aggregation at GoLocalWorcester stands out. For an online publication, updates are infrequent. The handful of “hard news” articles are superficial. There’s nothing that makes me want to return to this site.

2 thoughts on “GoLocalWorcester: Days 3-9

  1. Mike-
    Even if you’re not enamored with the site, why disparage them? They’ve only been at it for a week.
    I thought that one of the ideals that this blog espoused is that more voices and perspectives contributing to the local news scene was a good thing. Maybe it will ramp up. Or, it seems like they’re looking for contributors.

    1. Sorry, didn’t finish my thought:
      Or, it seems like they’re looking for contributors. Maybe you can help?

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