Palladium: Around for another year

News from the Historical Commission hearing, via the T&G’s Steven H. Foskett Jr:

In case that was confusing, the Hist. Commission denied the Palladium’s app for a demo delay waiver. Must wait at least 1 year.



It’s easy to identify what we don’t want, but Worcester isn’t Sim City, and it’s a bit harder to execute the perfect plan when we’re talking about serious money. But here’s hoping that a year’s demolition delay will get us a bit closer to that perfect plan.

More T&G:

After the hearing, Mr. Fischer said the Palladium will continue to operate for at least the next year. He said the taxes have been paid, and he and his partner, John Sousa, are awaiting a decision on their tax abatement filing. He said there is a 50-50 chance the theater will survive beyond the delay period.

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