Palladium worries

The rumors are coming closer to reality. The T&G reports the owners of Worcester’s metal palace, the Palladium, “have asked the Worcester Historical Commission to grant a waiver that would allow them to raze the landmark four-story building” soon in response to a tax increase on the property.

The Palladium, at 255 Main St., is not on the National Register of Historic Places. Officials said it is on the list put together by the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System of structures considered to be historically or architecturally significant.

The city Historical Commission has scheduled a hearing on the Palladium matter on July 26. The owners said they are eligible for a waiver because the building now poses an “economic hardship,” a criterion allowing for demolition.

The Palladium website says:

Despite false rumors of The Palladium closing we are open and have no plans to close our doors. Yes Taxes are up 200% but our landlord is appealing. While the tax and rent increase will put us in a difficult position financially we will do our best to make things work while the tax appeal process plays out. We have been blown away by the groundswell of support we have received and want to thank everyone for reaching out. We will continue to bring great live music to Worcester so please check our events page for up coming shows and follow us on twitter

MASSter List has an elegant summary:

HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT: Worcester could soon wake up to the Day the Metal died. There’s got to be some kind of ancient scroll that curses anyone who dares tear down the Palladium to be haunted by Ronnie James Dio’s majestic ghost. (Actually, being haunted by Dio would be awesome. These guys will be damned to eternal juggalo gatherings or something.)

Photo: Juggalos in Worcester, by Mike Benedetti

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