RMV/WPD Checkpoint

We came across this video on Youtube of RMV employees (in conjunction with WPD) doing some sort of soft checkpoint at the former CVS location near the corner of Park Avenue and Pleasant Street

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today. It’s unclear exactly what they’re checking for, but it’s worth a watch.

2 thoughts on “RMV/WPD Checkpoint

  1. I wonder if the RMV or WPD had or legally need permission to use that parking lot? I would tend to think that the owner and leasee would have some sort of liability for things that could potentially happen on their property. The owner and information for CVS can be found at http://www.masslandrecords.com/Worcester/ by doing a property search under search criteria for 400 Park Ave, Worcester.

  2. I wonder if this idiot filming the police doing their job works for Kevin Ksen-who is always badgering the WPD-We need police to keep us safe idiots without dummies questioning what they are doing!!

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