Thank You, Monkey Boy!

If you have younger children, there’s a decent chance that you’re already familiar with Jarrett Krosocszka, who was raised in Worcester and is a proud Gates Lane graduate. Krosocszka recently did a TED talk at Hampshire College, telling his story of growing up and what art meant to him. I don’t often recommend lengthy videos, but this one, entitled “Imagining Beyond Your Circumstances,” is well worth it:

You can read more about that talk, and the importance of art–and libraries!–in this post that The Atlantic did about him.

For the third year, Krosocszka is running an auction to benefit the scholarship he established at the Worcester Art Museum in honor of his grandparents. You can go bid—wouldn’t you love for him to draw your Christmas card?–or send a donation to the Worcester Art Museum, memo: the Joe and Shirl Scholarship, 55 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA 01609.

And from those of us who fight hard to keep funding things like art classes and libraries: thanks, Jarrett.

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