The week in Worcesteriana

What follows is an assemblage of random bits from the web about Worcester…

From MassBike:

let’s be honest – there are also some obstacles to biking in Worcester. For one thing, the hills around here are daunting. For me, the only way to consistently go by bike is to just get out there and tackle them. The other major barrier I see is that there are zero bike lanes, except for the ½ mile one next to Lake Park.

From Beachcombing for Beauty:

In one week, I will be headed back to the happiest place on earth.  No, not Disney World.  No, this place is less magical, though the way the Chapel looks on a snowy night seems like it’s right out of a picture book.  The magic is instead in how this place has helped me to grow and helped me to become the person I am today.  In reality, this is one place that at times hasn’t really been all that happy for me, but at the end of the day, when its name crosses my lips, an instant smile spreads across my face, and if you don’t cut me off right away, I will begin rambling about this place before you know what hit you.

Assumption College.

The State Library in Boston will be wrapping up its exhibit on Worcester in a few weeks.

A new book — Fraternity, by Diane Brady — tells the story of 20 black men (Edward P. Jones and Clarence Thomas among them) who came to Holy Cross in 1968 to attend school.  The book received a mixed review from the Boston Globe and likely had its inspiration in the author’s research for BusinessWeek.

The Worcester Business Journal has a profile of Mike Lanava, Mayor Petty’s chief of staff, and a briefing on the economic impact of the airport.

In case you missed it in the T&G’s business section, there was an article about the old courthouse’s limbo status.

The long read: Worcester at the breaking out of the Revolutionary War, from the Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the Revolution.

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  1. there’s a bike lane now on Harding St, it ends near Temple st,
    My friend Gordon wrote a memoir of Holy cross that was published last year Holy Cross Class of 72 ex-man, give it up for a Worcester original. Also one of the Philly guys around town along with Dr Beverly Grier, Bill Coleman and former Election Commissioner Joe McGowan.

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