This week’s City Council agenda

There’s an extra-packed City Council agenda tomorrow…here are some highlights:

7d. Ronal Madnick, President of the Committee for Progressive Legislation, request the City Council or a committee of the council hold a public hearing on the plan of the Worcester Police Department to build a comprehensive video surveillance system of the Real Time Crime Center, before the plan is carried out.

7s. William Breault on behalf of the Main South Alliance for Public Safety, request City Council to request City Manager provide an ordinance that will prohibit level 3 sex offenders from living or working within 1000 feet of a school, park or any public or private educational facility that provides services in grades K-12.

[Note: it’s unclear why there’s an assumption that level 3 sex offenders are all pedophiles]

7t. William Breault on behalf of the Main South Alliance for Public Safety request City Council request the City Manager provide an ordinance that will prohibit landlords from renting to more than one level 3 sex offender at any one building address.

7u. William Breault on behalf of the Main South Alliance for Public Safety request City Council request City Manager have Community Healthlink, PIP/SMOC report the number of (difficult to house) released prisoners, especially level 3 sex offenders, at their facilities.

8.7 A. Transmitting Informational Communication Relative to Issues that the Great Bay Coalition in New Hampshire Has Encountered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

[Question: guess which federal agency in the above memo is referred to in the following sentence: “With hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars at stake over questionable science, this wayward agency with a penchant for inflicting fiscal harm on municipalities and their ratepayers must be reined in.”]

8.10 A. Recommend Approval to Accept with Gratitude a Donation of a Refrigerator from Percy’s Appliances for the Gang Unit.

8.24 A. Recommend Adoption of an Order to Amend the Five Point Financial Plan to Include Funding for the City’s Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Liability.

8.28 A. Recommend that Fifty Thousand Dollars And No Cents ($50,000.00) be transferred from Account #91C780, Citywide Capital Equipment, and appropriated to Account #11C701, City Messenger Capital Equipment, to purchase temporary heating equipment for City Hall

8.29 C. Recommend that the Table of Authorized Positions for the Law Department be Amended so as to Establish one (1) Assistant City Solicitor 3 position. Furthermore, Recommend that Thirty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Fourty Six Dollars And No Cents ($36,946.00) in Account #120-91000, Law Personal Services, be re-appropriated to fund this position.

8.32 A. Transmitting Informational Communication Relative to Addressing the Issue of Prostitution.

Under 9 (Chairman’s Orders):

9a. FROM THE COMMITTEE ON MUNICIPAL OPERATIONS – That the City Council’s Standing Committee on Municipal Operations approved the attached profile for recruitment of City Auditor and is forwarding this profile to City Council for informational purposes.

9b. FROM THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC WORKS – Request City Clerk work with the Commissioner of Public Works & Parks to create a current “Approved Street Resurfacing List and Sidewalk Repair List” and further, request the City Clerk keep and update this list as streets and sidewalks are approved by the Committee on Public Works.

10d. Request City Manager report the feasibility of closing the Earnest A. Johnson Tunnel for possible future economic development at the north end of Main St. (Rushton)

10g. Request City Manager report on the percentage of inactive and dropped voters for the past 20 years and the current process for notifying both categories of voters of their status and the remedies for reviving an active voter status. (Lukes)

10i. Request City Manager report to City Council plans for relocating the Massachusetts Military Museum & Archives. (Lukes)

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