I own some pieces of Worcester ephemera, and this might just be one of my favorites. It’s the brochure for a show called “The Story of Worcester” which was staged in honor of Worcester’ 250th anniversary:

My favorite part is definitely “You have seen pagentry before but nothing to compare with this

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extravaganza of exciting recollection and reenactment of Worcester’s history. The memory of this spectacular entertainment will out-thrill, out-shine, and out-live every similar event.”

As if there were any “similar event” to a cast-of-nearly-thousands 90-minute show of Worcester history.

(Click on the photos to see them larger.)

3 thoughts on “Two-Five-Oh

  1. Theme song to the show “250”

    I have been looking in vain desperately for an audio or video clib of the song made especially for the “show 250”

    “and they callled it Wooorcesterrrrr..”

    does anybody have it?

  2. I was in the show I was 13, my family being of Indian descent Nipmuc I wish I could find copy of the video tape somewhere. It was amazing, so proud to have been part of it. If anyone has pictures or anything I would love to see them or copy them. My grandfather was Chief of Nipmuc his name was Chief Sun Cloud he was blind, was at the show to hear it at Foley Stadium.

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