Worcester Man Attacks Female and Robs Her of Money, no one reports it for a week and a half

From the WPD press releases:

The victim stated that on the 28th of February she was in the shelter counting some money when she looked over and noticed that a man was watching her. … As she started walking on Main Street she was grabbed from behind by a male who pushed her head against the side of a brick building. As she was being assaulted, the victim was able to turn her head and noticed that the male attacking her was the same male in the shelter watching her count her money.

After the attack the victim went back to the shelter and informed the staff. The staff members had a name of the suspect and showed a picture to the victim. She was then able to identify the male who robbed her.

On March 7, 2012 the victim explained that she received information that the suspect was at the shelter again.

So, the woman is assaulted, informs the shelter staff, is able to positively identify who assaulted her, but no one reports this to the WPD until they see the guy again?

And why does the woman need to be informed that the man who assaulted her was back at the shelter so that she could “search the floors and locate the suspect”?  Why weren’t the staff aware that this man had been accused of the crime so that they could immediately call the authorities?

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