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Preview: City Council meeting (May 21)

City Hall, 7:00 P.M. Agenda.

Nothing really jumps out from this agenda, just the ordinary weekly work of the City. So I’ll highlight the one gadfly-related item, #13A from the Manager’s agenda.

13. LAW DEPARTMENT. Informational Communication. A. Informational Communication Relative to Open Meeting Law Complaints.

The “informational communication” is a letter from the City Solicitor responding to complaints from 2 residents that doors to City Hall were locked during a recent meeting. The Solicitor reports that custodians were responsible for locking the doors.

Preview: Zoning Board of Appeals (May 20)

Levi Lincoln Chamber, City Hall, Monday, May 20, 5:30 PM.

Via email, I have learned that people are organizing against petition #11:

11. 0 Tory Fort Lane (aka 30 Tory Fort Lane) (ZB-2013-021)

  • Special Permit: To allow a Personal Wireless Service Facility in the RS-7 (Residence, Single-Family) zoning district
  • Petitioner: Massachusetts Electric Company d/b/a National Grid
  • Present Use: Existing Cooks Pond Electric Substation
  • Zone Designation: BL-1.0 (Business, Limited)
  • Petition Purpose: Install, operate, and maintain 1 WiMAX mounted antenna located on a 10’ mast extension attached to a new 80’ lattice tower that would replace the existing 55’ wooden pole; Install co-axial cables from antennas to the a ground mounted concrete pad, and a radio/transceiver unit
  • Public Hearing Deadline: 6/20/13
  • Constructive Grant Deadline (Variance): N/A

Also one about a lodging house: “5. 184 Highland Street (ZB-2013-014). Special Permit: To allow a Lodging House in a RG-5 (Residence, General) zoning district
Petitioner: D&E Realty LLC. Present Use: Single-family dwelling. Petition Purpose: Convert the dwelling to a Lodging House for 10 occupants with five (5) off-street parking spaces”

City lawsuits: a loss on “lodging houses”

Globe: State high court rules that Worcester college student apartments are not ‘lodging houses’

The state’s highest court has rejected an attempt by the city of Worcester to declare that apartments rented out to four college students were “lodgings” and fell under the state lodging house law.

“While we recognize that the city seeks to protect student safety, and apparently regards the apartments at

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issue here as being the equivalent of dormitories, such concerns are better addressed through enforcement of applicable zoning ordinances and provisions of the sanitary and fire safety codes,” the Supreme Judicial Court wrote in an opinion today.

A few months ago some members of the City Council asked for a report on how many lawsuits the City had lost in recent years and what they cost. I’ve lost track of that agenda item.

Preview: City Council meeting (May 7)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013. Esther Howland Chamber, City Hall. 7:00 P.M. Agenda.

  • Slot machines: Many agenda items relating to the proposed slot machine parlor in Worcester. If you are interested in this issue, it might be worth paying attention to the City Council discussion around those items, or making a comment to the Council at this meeting.
  • Graham Putnam & Mahoney: Nothing on the agenda regarding the expensive police detail ($30K?) that’s been at this funeral parlor over the weekend, while Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body has been inside. This issue has certainly been on the mind of the Council and they might find a way to discuss it.
  • Open Meeting Law: “8q. Nicole Apostola filing an Open Meeting Law Complaint Form.”
  • Proposed “rectangular field” at Lake Park: “8r. Frank DiNoia, et al opposing the soccer field at Lake Park.” Several pages of names on this petition; I don’t know what this is about.
  • Naming City Hall plaza: “Request City Manager consider recommending the plaza behind City Hall be named ‘Paul V. Mullaney Plaza’ in recognition of Judge Mullaney’s service.” All the Councilors are sponsoring this item.

Preview: Castle Park Master Plan meeting, May 6

The first master plan hearing for Castle Hill Park will be Monday, May 6, at 6:30 PM, at Main South Community Development Corporation,

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875 Main Street.