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Preview: City Council Meeting (July 16, 2013)

6pm, Tuesday, City Hall. This week: constables, residency requirements for city employees, bikes, derelict buildings. Agenda.

  • There are a couple of requests from Arthur Mooradian regarding property: “request the zoning ordinance be amended to convert all RG-5 lots to RG-4 so that lots between 4,000 and 5,000 square feet become buildable/saleable” and “request City of Worcester initiate a policy that a “For Sale” sign with contact information be erected on city-owned surplus property for at least 30 days before an auction or sale takes place.”
  • Terry Burke Dotson would like the Council to “pass a resolution supporting the State Senate and the House of Representatives pass Senate Bill “S.985” and House Bill “HR 129”, the “Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2013”, commonly referred to the “Glass-Stegall Act” which prohibits commercial banks and bank holding companies from investing in stocks, underwriting securities, or investing in or acting as guarantors in derivative transactions.”
  • Constables: After a T&G reporter found that cities and towns often neglect to collect the fees they are owed by constables (follow-up article), the fee issue is all over this meeting. Steve Quist has asked to speak to the Council on the issue. (9ee). The Mayor has filed an item. Councilor O’Brien has filed an item. (In the past, there would have been one joint item, because the Council would have de facto discussed this issue privately before the meeting, but a recent letter from the State Attorney General took them to task for this bad practice.) Councilor Lukes has an item. Councilor Germain has THREE constable items.
  • Coercing people to live in Worcester: the Mayor wants to force more city employees to live in the city. (11b)
  • More arm-twisting: the Council’s Committee on Economic Development has an item requesting “City Manager consider developing a program in cooperation with our many academic institutions and museums that recruit their staff with incentives to purchase homes within the city limits.”
  • Tax breaks for rehabbing bad buildings: “12b. FROM THE COMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – Request City Manager request City Solicitor prepare a Home Rule Petition to establish a 5-year lock on real estate tax bills for those multi-family properties whose owners rehabilitate them from a derelict condition.”
  • Bike crackdown: “12g. FROM THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC WORKS – Request City Manager request Police Chief to enforce the ordinances that prohibits the riding of bicycles on sidewalks.”
  • Welcome to Worcester: “12k. FROM THE COMMITTEE ON TRAFFIC AND PARKING – Request City Manager request Director of Economic Development to work with the Department of Public Works and Park’s Traffic Engineering staff to install signage or street painting at the city limits that welcomes motorists into Worcester.”
  • Social service agencies and real estate: Possibly prompted by UMass moving some of its psychiatric care into what were residential buildings. “13x. Request City Manager update City Council concerning compliance with the requirement that the City of Worcester be notified when social service agencies choose to initiate service from a Worcester location. (Petty, Economou)”