Some online are describing the reaction to this as “chaos,” but the Clark campus seemed icy and sedate today:

Spree Day, as we know it, is no more.

One of Clark’s oldest traditions met its sudden demise at a Student Council meeting on Wednesday, January 23 with an announcement from Director of Student Leadership and Programming Michael McKenna, who has instead decided to replace it with a weekend-long festival (“Freudstock”) without consulting the vast majority of the student body. Indeed, despite announcing this in front of Student Council, he asked no feedback from them, instead coming before the Council to ask for $15,000 to increase the budget for the comedian who will become the focal point of the weekend’s Saturday activities.

While McKenna made it clear that not all of the activities are set in stone, he was clear that the tradition of Tuesday Spree Days was permanently over in favor of this currently unnamed weekend (which some Student Council members have taken to calling “Spree Weekend”).

(In probably-unrelated news, all the timestamps on the Scarlet blog seem to be broken.)

1 thought on “Clark News: “SPREE DAY DOOMED?”

  1. What a horrible idea. Spree Day at Clark has a long and not ignoble history. I snuck in to see Taj Mahal play there back in 1963, before he became Taj Mahal and was just another Ray Charles impersonator. I met my future wife at Spree Day in 1977 when I was playing in Zonkaraz. There was something magical and free about that day over the years. Now some guy wants to change it because he can. Dogs lick their balls for the same reason.

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