Preview: City Council meeting (April 23)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013. Esther Howland Chamber, City Hall. 7:00 P.M. Agenda.

  • Slot machines: Our story so far–the state is going to authorize someone to put in a slot machine casino somewhere. A company wants to put it in Worcester. After the City Manager makes a proposal to the company (what will they do to help the city deal with the inevitable problems), there will be a vote where Worcesterites can decide if they like the deal. The Council will be voting on whether they want the Manager to engage in this process at all. Also there are other citizen petitions on the issue. Also some people are concerned that councilors may have been discussing the issue illegally outside of the official meetings. The T&G has a good wrapup of all that. If you are pro or anti-slots, this is a good meeting to attend.
  • Let’s get this show on the road: There’s a citizen petition that the Council moves petitions through the process in a timely manner. “Cecilia Mason et al request that all petitions filed before City Council and upon referral of any and all petitions to the proper committee, board, commission or any other body of the City Council shall not remain in any committee, board, commission or any other body of the City Council for more that 90 days and request all City Councilors or city employees refrain from the practice of prioritizing any and all petitions and to afford every petitioner the right to be heard fairly, impartially and in a timely manner of 60 days as stipulated in rule 51 of the Rules of City Council.”
  • Taping more city meetings: A related “order” from two councilors: “Request City Council amend the the Rules of the City Council to require all Regular, Special and Emergency meetings of the City Council and its Standing, Ad-Hoc and Joint Committees be videotaped regardless of the location in which they are conducted in order to provide more complete community access. (Rivera, Economou)”
  • The Council will be notified of the herbicide application schedules of MassDOT, Pan Am Railways, and other organizations.
  • More about the WRA: As has been mentioned in this email several times, there has been an ongoing effort to revitalize the City’s WRA, which would seem to compete with the non-governmental WBDC. From the City Manager this week: “Transmitting Informational Communication Relative to an Update of the Worcester Redevelopment Authority.”

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