Preview: City Council Meeting (August 20, 2013)

6pm, Tuesday, City Hall. This week: transit, foreclosure mediation, food carts. Agenda.

  • William Street Historical District?: Proposed by citizen petition 8e.
  • Goodbye Hygeia St, hello Chambers St: “8f. Ding On Kwan of 45 Artic Street LLC request Hygeia St. be removed from the Official Map.” & “8g. Joseph Ferraro request to convert Chambers St. from a private street to a public street.”
  • Transit issues: There have been many changes in bus service this summer. Another set of changes are set for this weekend. Some people are not happy with some of the changes. (I ride the bus a few times a week, and my experience with the new changes is mixed.) Neighbor 2 Neighbor is organizing a demonstration before the meeting, and several people made petitioned the Council to roll back changes. Jo Hart, notably, has 9 petitions on this issue.
  • Reopening unemployment claims office: “9ee. Gordon Davis, et al request to speak regarding the City Council going on record supporting the reopening of the claims representative office at 44 Front St. by the Department of Unemployment Assistance.”
  • Foreclosure prevention: It’s been proposed that legislation, at the city level, should mandate that banks and homeowners in a foreclosure situation should go through mediation before the foreclosure is complete. There’s a report on the subject that’s being officially transmitted to the Council at this meeting—it’s possible there will be discussion. The Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team is organizing a rally before the meeting at 5:30 outside City Hall.
  • Pro-Street Vendor item: “13t. Request City Manager request the Parks & Recreation Commission to develop formal appropriate permitting regulations that will allow and encourage vendors at Green Hill, Elm, Shore and Institute Parks, the Worcester Common and other parks as the City Manager deems appropriate. (Rushton, Germain)”

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